What does POLARISED mean?
When sunlight bounces off a reflective surface such as glass, water or snow, the result is glare. Glare can be much brighter than the light that caused it, and can irritate or even damage the unprotected eye.  Polarised lenses block vertically-reflected light by horizontally aligning the crystalline structure of the lens. This makes them ideally suited for use around water, snow, and for driving.

POLASPORTS polarised sunglasses are fitted with a PolaTec ll lens.
This is a Polarised Lens (TAC) which contains multi laminated lens with anti-reflective layer in the middle. Polarised lenses are light weight, eliminates glare and allows natural perception - ideal for use around water, snow and driving.  

POLASPORTS will make your favourite activity even more enjoyable.

POLARISED PROTECTION All POLASPORTS sunglasses are fitted with a custom PolaTec ll lens that is polarised and exclusive to POLASPORTS Eyewear.
This is a Tri-Acetate .065 Polarised Lens (TAC) and contains multi laminated lens layers.  The triple coated sandwich lens contains the polarised anti reflective layer in the middle for durability, with a compressed TAC lens on the front and back.   The multi layers of the PolaTec ll lens are treated on both sides with a hard coating to further strengthen and make them scratch resistant and extending life of the lens.


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